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You just never know what you might find when you get a house call to view items that the owners wish to dispose of and sell.
At first, when we had this call, the owner was having a clear out and asked if I would be interested in purchasing as to what was described as an oil drum, so I presumed it was probably just a modern 5 litre drum.
Naturally I was very surprised when entering an old run down green house, that hidden in a far corner was this sorry looking but interesting lubricating oil cabinet!
With years of cob-webs and clutter around it I slowly started to peel back the debris to reveal this superb little survivor that dates back probably as far as the 1920s and at closer inspection you could clearly see it had retained its original script/lettering of an ebony/black colour and traces that the cabinet itself would have been painted in a deep rich red colour, that over the years of fading and bleaching from the sun has now turned a rusty pink.
As oil cabinets go this example is in fact quite a rare find, especially  to find it intact, untouched and totally original condition.